SliderMania Wonders


Put the image together and enjoy this incredible puzzle game


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If you love puzzles and the Seven Wonders of the World, then you’re in luck because SliderMania Wonders combines your two passions into a super fun game.

Using beautiful pictures of the Seven Wonders of the World and some others, SliderMania Wonders creates puzzles and puts the pieces in random order to give you a unique match each time. How long will it take you to put together the image? Pick between six different difficulty levels and find the solution in the shortest time possible. Once you’ve completed the puzzle you can unlock the ‘against the clock mode’ for that image and that difficulty level which makes the playability really high.

Rebuild the Great Wall of China, visit the Hanging Gardens in Babylon and the Pyramids of Egypt while you work on your mental, logic and strategy skills. Don’t let this awesome and challenging puzzle game pass you by.